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  • Clip for swings

    Carabiner clip

    £3.75 Price includes VAT at 20%

    Spring loaded carabiner clip 100mm x 50mm. These clips allow you attach any of our swings or extension ropes to a tree branch.

  • Climb with diyplay

    Four Sided Rope Ladder

    £117.95 Price includes VAT at 20%

    Rope ladder 2.1 m with 4 sides consisting of hardwood rungs (diameter 35 mm; length 400 mm) and 12mm polyhemp ropes knotted through-and-around the rungs.

  • Sale! Climbing rope

    Knotted climbing rope

    Original price was: £41.45.Current price is: £32.65. Price includes VAT at 20%

    26mm diameter polyhemp climbing rope with knots every 500mm. Complete with galvanised steel ring for attachment to our swing hangers. Rope length 2.0m. Special offer price!

  • extension rope for swings

    Quality Polyhemp Extension Rope

    £10.15 Price includes VAT at 20%

    Polyhemp 12mm adjustable extension rope which allows you to extend the length of the rope on any of our swings. Allows for adjustment of between 1m and 2m extra length making it ideal for attaching our swings to a tree branch.

  • Rope, green polypropylene 16mm

    £8.00 Price includes VAT at 20%

    Green polypropylene rope 16mm diameter ideal for creating pull up ropes etc. and much nicer than blue! Order in multiples of 5m.

  • Rope, polyhemp 12mm

    £9.00 Price includes VAT at 20%

    Waterproof polyhemp natural colour 12mm rope. Price is per 5 metre length. Ideal for threading through posts to create natural looking barriers or for use as bridge handrails.