Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions we get asked about playground Equipment

Are your garden swing seats interchangeable?

Yes. Each residential swing seat comes complete with a quality 12mm poly-hemp rope and a galvanised metal ring, this will clip on to any of our carabina type swing hangers which means you can easily swap swing seats.

Can you provide replacement nets and rope for public playgrounds?

Yes. All of our residential products (R code) comply with BS EN71 and all commercial products (C code) comply with BS EN1176. All safety surfacing products when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions will comply with BS EN1177. In addition, all of the Blue Rabbit self-build range when built according to the enclosed instructions will hold a GS/TUV certificate (no. S 60006554). Please consult our safety advice notes when constructing your own play structures.

Can you provide replacement nets and rope for public playgrounds?

Yes. We use steel reinforced 16mm playground ropes available in a variety of colours and can manufacture any size net, rope ladder or replacement ropes. We will need to know the detailed sizes of the net or ropes you require and also the size of the timber it is being fixed to. Please use our contact form to request a quotation.

Can you source spare playground parts?

Please follow this link and complete our “source a part” form, providing as much information as possible, and we will do our best to find it and will contact you with pricing and delivery details.

Do I need planning permission to build a garden climbing frame?

Generally no as they are not considered to be permanent structures and the pitched roof heights are below 4m. However, you may need to consult your local authority if: You live in a conservation area. The equipment will take over more than 50% of your garden. You wish to build in your front garden or a field which causes a change of use. It is obviously common sense also to consult with your neighbours also to avoid upsetting them.

Do I need safety surfacing?

Most fixed play equipment in public playgrounds with a fall height of above 600mm will require safety surfacing. For supervised and garden play it is advisable but not absolutely necessary. For further details on different products please consult our safety advice notes. Our individual grass mats (RC70080) form ideal protection at home under swing seats and slide exits.

What is the best online playgrounds supply service? stocks a large range of parts for both domestic and commercial playgrounds. Whilst there are a number of worldwide supplier issues currently, we always aim to stock everything is shown on our website for quick delivery.

What is the difference between the swing corner – oblique (RC82122) and the swing corner – right (RC82222)?

Both will help create a sturdy robust swing frame. The oblique corners mean that the legs will also splay out to the left and right whereas the right corners mean that the legs will come down from the top beam at 90 degrees. If you are building a double swing frame only use the oblique corners, if you want to build a swing frame with a slide alongside use 3 x right corners.

What type of wood should I use?

We can provide play-grade timber but it is expensive to ship. If sourcing your own round timbers for example to use with our swing corners (RC82122) then you require 100mm (4”) machined round timber, which will probably be supplied in 3.6m (12’) lengths. Quarter sawn (with heartwood removed) or a play grade is best but approximately 3 times more expensive than landscape grade which will be structurally safe but will split in hot sun. For square timber projects such as our Blue Rabbit self-build range use treated, planned, eased edge timbers. Note for swing beams using our square swing hangers and square swing corners you will require 90mm not 95mm timber.